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Paintings & Drawings

1885 Sketch/Scrapbook

Lydia Field Emmet was born in New Rochelle, New York and Died August 16, 1952. She was a student of William M. Chase, H.S. Mowbray, Kenyon Cox and Robert Reid, all in New York. While in France, she studied with Colin, Bougereau, Mac Monnies and Fleury.While in France, she joined the summer colony of American artists near Monet's home in Girverny. Also in the 1890's, she worked as William M. Chase's assistant, teaching his preparatory classes at his summer school at Shinnecock Hills, Long Island. Along with Mary Cassett and others, she was invited to paint murals in the Women's Building at the World's Fair Columbian Exhibition in 1893; she also designed stained glass windows for Tiffany & Co., and did illustrations for Harper's.

Ms. Emmet became very well known for her figure and portrait work. Her portrait work of well known people made a handsome living for her during the depression years. Lydia, her sister Rosina Emmet Sherwood and their cousin, Ellen Emmet Rand, were the movers and shakers of the Stockbridge, Mass. art community.

The portarit of Lydia Field Emmet to the right was painted by William Merrit Chase, circa 1893.